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        Changzhou Huayang Technology Co., Ltd.

        Focus on pharmaceutical intermediates for 30 years

        Polyurethane catalyst series, dyes, medicines, pesticide intermediates


        Huayang Technology


        Product name Benzylamine
        CAS No. 100-46-9
        Structural formula
        Assay(≥) 99%
        Spec.(kg) 200
        Molecular weight 107.15
        Packing Plastic drum
        Use quantitative test of organic synthesis and metallic compounds
        Enterprise standard Q/320422HYH004---2008
        Performance indexes:
        Properties Appearance: colorless to yellowish transparent liquid, strong alkaline, pungent to skin and mucous membrane of people.
        Solubility: soluble in water, alcohol and ether solvents.
        Boiling point: 185℃
        Quality indexes Assay: ≥99.5% Specific gravity(D420): 0.983 Referactive index(ND20): 1.5401
        Appearance: colorless to yellowish oily liquid.

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