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        Changzhou Huayang Technology Co., Ltd.

        Focus on pharmaceutical intermediates for 30 years

        Polyurethane catalyst series, dyes, medicines, pesticide intermediates


        Huayang Technology


        Product name Dibenzylamine
        CAS No. 103-49-1
        Molecular formula C14H15N
        Assay(≥) 99%
        Spec.(kg) 200
        Packing Iron bucket
        Use dibenzylamine is important intermediate of organic synthesis. It can be used to synthesize penicillin and curing agent of rubber and plastics. It is mainly used to produce high-efficient nontoxic vulcanization accelerator TBZTD and ZBEC.
        Storage it should be stored in cool, shady, dry and ventilated places, and transported as common chemicals.
        Item Value
        Appearance colorless to straw yellow oily liquid
        Assay≥% 99.0
        Water content≤% 0.2
        Boiling point(°C) 270
        Melting point(°C) -26
        Specific gravity 1.0256
        Flash point(°C) 143
        Referactive index 1.5743

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